Training is about giving everything you can, and then some. It’s about teaching your body how to cope with pain, yet manage it; how to feel the speed and power; and how to mentally prepare for every challenge you could possibly meet.

Physically I prepare by swimming, doing core sessions, and I train in the gym. That on paper alone is not what got me to the Olympics… that is only the beginning!

My achievements come from focusing entirely to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare myself to the challenges I face. Every stroke I swim I think about technique, every lift in the gym I’m pushing myself to higher levels, and every exercise I do in core I make sure I’m connecting through my body to achieve the highest benefits for my sprinting.

But more than anything else, I visualize. I imagine myself where I wan to be, and go through it in my head as though I were already there. I motivate myself each session to help me get the most out of myself, and I have fun helping motivate my teammates. By doing this I not only thoroughly enjoy training, but I also minimize any anxiety I might feel on the big day as by then I’ve already experienced that moment hundreds of times!

I make sure I pay close attention to what my body is telling me. I push myself as hard as I can within safe limits; but I also make sure I take rest when my body requires it. Training requires a balance between hard work and restful recovery.

I’m working on including some videos of starts, turns, boxing and swimming, but I’ve not yet fully got my head wrapped around how to! When I do, I hope they are useful for you, as I know they have been for me.

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