The Race Club

The Race Club (founded by Gary Hall Jr.) began in 2003 as an elite training center for sprinters from around the world. I have trained alongside sprinters from Australia, Cyprus, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Canada and the USA. It created an environment of speed, power and performance at the highest level; and pushed us all to higher levels of achievement.

Today it still functions as an elite training center, but also now caters for developmental and masters swimmer looking to join a camp environment and train with some of the greatest sprinters in the world.

With every camp I spent training in Islamorada I find my confidence boost, my strength and power rise, and my performance levels heighten. Jon Olsen and Andy Deichert teamed up to form a powerful coaching duo, and it was training under them that kept me returning to the paradise of the Florida Keys.

I spent three extended training camps down under the Florida sun, and have included photos from all three. I had the opportunity to train with a wonderful group of swimmers, and together we created a great environment of excellence combined with fun.

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