Best job in the world!

It’s not the first time my career has taken a swift and somewhat unexpected turn off course, but I reckon this may be the last change for quite a while. 10 years of professional swimming, 4 years in social justice, 2.5 years working in the Indigenous sector, and now a full time professional job as a Firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW. I’m three weeks in, loving it, and excited to keep on learning!

But how did it happen? A rather extensive recruitment campaign, to say the least. I’ve heard stories of past recruitment campaigns going for much longer, so I should count my blessings in that, but there were still 6 stages involved! The process went like this: 1) 20 min cognitive online test and workplace health & safety test 2) 40 min emotional online test and workplace health & safety test, 3) physical aptitude test, 4) interview, 5) medical examination, 6) uniform fit. Rounds 1-5 went very quickly, all within 2 months. And then it went quiet… Yes, it’s fair to say I was shitting myself that something had gone awry. It took another two months to hear the all clear and get invited to stage 6, though I’m told that’s still very quick overall.

Some 7000 applicants threw their hats in the ring, and I was one of the lucky few to get through. I’ve had a few people ask me about some of the tests, and if I had any tips. I used to play logic puzzles and games in the newspaper on from little workbook style things at newsagents. I reckon they helped a lot because the cognitive test looked somewhat like a mini IQ test, and familiar. The emotional test, well, just being reflective on actions regularly probably helps for that. With the physical I found the familiarisation day extremely helpful. In fact on that day there was one lift I was worried about, but a fellow applicant gave me a quick tip and I nailed it the next day.

firiepic That’s something that I’ve noticed a lot of within the Firies, awesome people looking out for each other and offering kind words of advice and support. Pretty well everyone I’ve met has absolutely rocked, and I feel really blessed and stoked to have such an awesome crew of recruits to go through training with.

We’re getting heaps of new information, at times it’s quite physically taxing, and 5:30am starts are a challenge… but it’s unbelievably awesome. There is still so much to learn and consider over the remaining 10 weeks of training, and then a life’s career worth of opportunities. There is so much I still don’t know, but one thing I’m already sure of is that this is one of the best jobs in the world! 😀

Before closing off for potentially another 6 months of website inactivity, a big shout out to all you rockin’ peeps who helped me out through this recruitment campaign in one way or another. You all know who you are, and I just want you to know I deeply appreciate your love and support.

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