Swim Clinics

Swim clinics are a fun way for me to share some of my experiences, skills and drills, technical advice, and have fun with the swimmers. I’ve enjoyed working with all ages and levels. From young kids to seniors, fitness swimming to elite level, I’ve had the chance to help swimmers get a little more out of the sport we all love.

If your school, club, training group, triathlon or masters squad is interested in a clinic please contact me regarding numbers, locations, etc so we can set it up!

Also, if you are interested in a one-on-one session we can arrange that also.

Please contact me with your information by clicking on this link and sending me an email via the form: contact


I just wanted to let you know that we recently redid our 1000 meter assessments and I took off 2minutes and 10 seconds off my 1000 meters!  I attribute a lot of that to really trying to incorporate the changes you gave me.  So, thank you very much. -LM

Thanks for taking the time to help us with our stroke technique today.  You made it seem so simple when you break it down like that.  I m anxious to get back into the pool tomorrow to work on the barrell pull. -LR

I found the hour I spent in the pool with Michelle to be extremely beneficial. Despite being a diverse group of swimmers in terms of our abilities, Michelle was able to give relevant suggestions to the group in general as well as individual feedback to each of us. Michelle had an ability to explain things in a manner that really stuck with me. She was able to  look at my stroke and give me several areas to concentrate on. I have been able to apply her suggestions to my swim workouts/training and it has helped me tremendously. -GS

Thank you so much for your time and expertise today.  I really enjoyed the session.  All of the technique tips and drills you had us do will certainly help me become a more efficient and stronger swimmer.  I could already feel a difference in the way my body was moving through the water by the end of the training.  Now if I can just get my 23 strokes down to your 11… -BH

I have swum for decades, including in college. In a matter of ONE hour you transformed my swimming into easier more effortless strokes. As a result of your expertise I now enjoy swimming more than ever, I swim with greater ease and am no longer an arms and legs only swimmer. -ES

Michelle was really able to identify my weak areas and she gave me great analogies to use to try to correct them. My swimming is totally different now and so much more efficient. I would highly recommend a swim session with Michelle for anyone that wants to improve their swim, no matter what your ability! -LM

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