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The Bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly. — Corra May While Harris

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Diary Entries

Best job in the world!

Best job in the world!

It’s not the first time my career has taken a swift and somewhat unexpected turn off course, but I reckon this may be the last change for quite a while. 10 years of professional swimming, 4 years in social justice, 2.5 years working in the Indigenous sector, and now a full time professional job as a Firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW. I’m three weeks in, loving it, and excited to keep on learning!

But how did it happen? A rather extensive recruitment campaign, to say the least. I’ve heard stories of past recruitment campaigns going for much longer, so I should count my blessings in that, but there were still 6 stages involved! The process went like this: 1) 20 min cognitive online test and workplace health & safety test 2) 40 min emotional online test and workplace health & safety test, 3) physical aptitude test, 4) interview, 5) medical examination, 6) uniform fit. Rounds 1-5 went very quickly, all within 2 months. And then it went quiet… Yes, it’s fair to say I was shitting myself that something had gone awry. It took another two months to hear the all clear and get invited to stage 6, though I’m told that’s still very quick overall.Continue Reading

Mardi Gras 2013

Last night was Mardi Gras 2013. No longer (officially) the “Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras”, it was gay and lesbian none the less. As before, it was a celebration in diversity within the community, and of LGBTQI pride. Sydney’s Mardi Gras, proudly led and supported by Clover Moore, presents one day/night a year when IContinue Reading

The Flying Bats June Player of the Month: Michelle Engelsman

Lifted off The Flying Bats website,, June 25th, 2012 Michelle Engelsman is a former Australian Olympian, tireless campaigner for social justice and human rights, and all around awesome person! Read about our June Player of the Month and newest Div 2 recruit… Name, age and brief history of your involvement with the Bats: MichelleContinue Reading

Vaginas & civil unions: a backwards step?

Seriously now, how can using the medically correct term mean that a person has no respect for decorum? Especially when the use of the term is in the context of a bill concerning women’s reproductive rights. In case you haven’t heard what all this fuss is about, in the US, Rep. Lisa Brown has beenContinue Reading

We’re not that different, really.

Imagine this: 5 lesbians in a car on the way to soccer training. But what did we talk about, I hear you ask? The usual: IVF, adoptions, babies, marriage, partners, love, and of course soccer. Oh wait, cats featured also. Of course they did. What else would 5 thirty-something year old ladies talk about inContinue Reading

Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras!!! Is it that time of year already?! What happened? I blinked and it turned from January 2 to February 25th!! Wait, I know what happened… A new kitten, my partner moved up, work has been exciting and busy, getting myself fit again, seeing the world’s greatest acupuncturists, and moving house, starting soccerContinue Reading

2011, what a year!

It’s been a very long time since my last blog post. So much has happened that’s kept me away from my keyboard and blogging! Perhaps I’ll start with what is most distracting to me right now… a 9 week old kitten desperately trying to jump on the kitchen table as I type, excited at theContinue Reading

ARMTour in Ntaria

What a brilliant week! I have just had a magical experience, and feel so grateful for the opportunity. I spent this past week out as an athlete role model on the ARMTours trip to the Northern Territory. It’s a programme run by NASCA (National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy) and it involves sending athletes out intoContinue Reading

Aurukun, A Second Visit

There is something truly magical about Aurukun, Qld. The dusty red earth, the magical and ancient bush, the wild river, and the kind hearted people: it certainly holds a special place in my heart. Aurukun has also had a profound affect on me. The two occasions that I’ve had the opportunity to visit and spend time inContinue Reading

Gender, Idealism and Realism

I recently had the good fortune of travelling to Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s taken me over a week to consider how I might put that experience into a blog, and more importantly how to actually process my experiences. I’m not quite there yet, and feel there is much I still need to feel out, but I’mContinue Reading